RGB Complex is a London-based multidisciplinary creative studio founded by Vassilis Skandalis in 2011. With a portfolio spanning from creative direction for photoshoots to captivating augmented reality experiences, RGB Complex stands at the forefront of cultural expression.

Specializing in the realm of music, we collaborate with artists and brands, infusing our work with an unwavering passion for music and an unparalleled understanding of the industry. From visually striking promo campaigns to captivating album covers, we craft visual landscapes that leave a lasting impact on audiences.

Fueling our success is a team of specialists, each bringing expertise in brand identity development, creative direction, marketing, and strategic messaging. With every project, our curated team develops exceptional solutions tailored to the unique demands of each brief.

Notable collaborations include brands like Burberry, Adidas, Warner Bros, Ninja Tune, Black Butter, Hospital Records, Mixmag, IKEA, Vodafone, TFL, and many more. These partnerships reflect our commitment to excellence and the trust we have garnered within the industry.

Beyond RGB Complex, Vassilis serves as the Art Director for Mixmag, a leading electronic music publication. He also shares his wealth of knowledge and expertise as a visiting lecturer at Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.


Creative Direction: Shaping the vision for your project.
Art Direction: Guiding the artistic direction of your visuals.
Editorial Photoshoots: Capturing compelling images for your brand.
Press Shots: Creating striking images for media and PR needs.
Promo Campaigns: Developing engaging promotional strategies.
Album Artwork: Designing eye-catching visuals for your music releases.
Instagram Filters: Crafting unique filters to enhance your social media presence.
Live Visuals: Elevating live events with captivating visual content.
Live Stream Production: Professional production and direction for DJ live streaming.
Branding: Building a strong and memorable brand identity.
Brand Partnership: Creative treatments that bring audiences closer to a brand’s vision

Email: vassilis@rgbcomplex.co.uk

Creative & Art Direction: Vassilis Skandalis
Photos: Jonathan Weiner
Styling: Kaitlyn Vitug
Photo Assistant: ‎anthony Avellano
Digital Editor: Patrick Hinton
Music Director: Ralph Moore
Publication: Mixmag

Creative Direction: Vassilis Skandalis, Lillie Eiger
Art Direction: Vassilis Skandalis
Talent: Avalon Emerson
Photos: Lillie Eiger
Editor & Digital Director: Patrick Hinton
Music Editor at Large: Ralph Moore
Styling: Lucy-Isobel Bonner
Lighting Technician: Richard Bartram
Lighting Assistant: Jivan WestStyling
Assistants: Ria Verkooijen Newton, Gabriela Malagowska
Make Up Artist: Gina Parr
Hair Stylist: Tom Warr
Producer: Katherine Bampton
Production Runner : Becky Buckle
PR: Jodie Luckie at Toast Press

Creative & Art Direction: Vassilis Skandalis
Photographer: Dan Medhurst
Styling: Riya Hollings
Styling Assistant: Hollie Williamson
Make Up: Ciara Deroiste
Hair: Reis Alexander
Publication: Mixmag

Art Direction: Vassilis Skandalis
Photos: Mélanie Lehmann
Styling: Rhiannon Isabel
Publication: Mixmag
Editor & Digital Director: Patrick Hinton
Music Editor At Large: Ralph Moore
Make Up Artist: India Rawlings
Hair Stylist: Solomon Christian
Set Designer: Killian Fallon
PR: Emly Gale
Production Runner: Becky Buckle

Creative & Art Direction: Vassilis Skandalis
Photos: Sam Neil
Styling: Lewis Munro& Kiera Liberati
Styling Assistants: Bella Dupee, Janice
MUA: Molly Whiteley
Gaffer: Jamie Michael Korn
Digital Operator: Alexander Brunacci
Client: Rudimental

AR: Vassilis Skandalis
3D: Joe Joiner
Client: LCY

Creative Direction: Vassilis Skandalis
Web Development: Vlassis Skandalis

Website: datatrail.me

Creative Direction: Vassilis Skandalis
Art Direction: Naomi Ray

Design: Lawrence Abbot

Creative Direction: Vassilis Skandalis
3D Scans: Vassilis Skandalis

Client: Threads Radio

Creative Direction: Vassilis Skandalis
Client: Personal Project